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The Toe Bone’s Connected to the Neck Bone

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Happy New Year!

Let’s try to make 2013 the year of Connectivity. Why Connectivity you may ask.

Remember the children’s song that went something like:

The toe bone’s connected to the foot bone. The foot bone’s connected to the ankle boneā€¦

All the way up to the head bone (skull).

It’s turned out this is more true than anyone suspected. News articles have declared:

“Germs in Your Mouth can Affect Your Heart”, “Stress can Pack on the Pounds”, and “Lack of Sleep Leads to Lack of Energy”.

If you view the human body as a closed system, then every sub-system can affect the others. Let’s take this idea one step farther.

Consider the earth as a closed system. If we destroy our environment, or one facet of it, all the others will be affected. Continued pollution of any kind, will over time, affect the human population negatively.

Now, take a side-step. We are all human. Rich. Poor. Diverse colors, religions, ethnicities and nationalities. But human, all of us. We have one planet. Count it, one. We have to learn to give and take, to share and compromise, to keep our home viable and able to support us. Or we’ll go the same way as the dinosaurs. What’s that you say — a meteor hit the earth that destroyed the dinosaurs. Really, were you there? And destruction is destruction, whether it comes from an asteroid, or from us poisoning ourselves. Extinct is still extinct.

So, what I hope to do this year on this part of the blog is show how we’re all connected and what we can do to benefit each other.

But there will be a subtheme concerning disability. Being one of the physically challenged, (read as totally blind), disability concerns are always close to my heart.

On the part of the blog, I’ll keep you apprised of how the publication of my first book, “AsterIce” is progressing at Damnation Books (a small press in California). And on the health and nutrition part of the blog,, I’ll put up articles giving ways to make your life healthier.

I’m planning on blogging at least twice a week, not sure of the days or which blog I’ll post on yet.