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New Year, New You

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

New Year, New You

The Procedure

While you don’t need to start new habits, or a change of lifestyle at the beginning of the year, it is a convenient time to do so. But it takes planning, determination, and the urge to make positive changes in order to succeed.


Do you want to start a new habit? Stop an old one? Adjust your lifestyle? The first thing you must do is plan.

First decide:

- What do you want to accomplish?


Make it specific, attainable, and determine how long it should take to get there.

- Why do you want to do this?

Figure out if you want to attain this goal to better yourself, improve your lifestyle, or just feel good.

- Set a starting date. And if applicable, an ending date.

Pick a starting date it’s easy to monitor. The beginning of the week or month may work best for you.

Is there a definitive ending point? Or will this be an ongoing change? Is this the beginning of a new habit you want to continue? Or is it something you want to stop doing?

- How often and by what means will you measure progress? Set up charts, journals, or whatever you need.

If you’re starting an exercise routine or beginning to eat better, decide how often you want to document your progress.

Choose a way to determine if you’re still on the right track. If you gave up certain foods, did you stay away from them all week? If you lapsed, how many times? If you want to exercise so many days per week, did you make your sub-goal?


1. Write out your plan.

2. Divide the main task up into do-able steps. The smaller and easier the steps are the better.

3. Set up sub-goals and associated rewards.

- How long will it take to get to each sub-goal?

Estimate how long you think it will take to reach each sub-goal. Don’t worry, if you don’t make it, you can reschedule and try again.

- Give yourself a reward for reaching each sub-goal.

When you reach and conquer each sub-goal reward yourself. Make the reward positive, in line with your goal. If your goal is to lose weight, a proper reward is NOT a hot fudge sundae. It can be buying that new blouse you’ve been eyeing, though.


1. Document your starting point.

If you want to lose weight, write down your starting weight and take measurements of those areas you want to decrease.

If you want to stop smoking, write down the number of cigarettes you smoke each day.

2. Determine how often to chart your progress and mark it down.

You don’t need to chart your progress every day. You can if you want. But you may want to do it once or twice a week. You decide.

3. Determine evaluation points and alter the steps or order of sub-goals as needed.

If the amount of time goes by for yo7u to attain a sub-goal and you don’t make it, decide why.

Reschedule the time to attain the sub-goal and try again.

4. After a set amount of time evaluate your status.

- Have you gotten into the groove of a new habit?

- Have your cravings disappeared for performing an old habit?

- Do you feel comfortable with the lifestyle change you made?

Let the world know.

At some point in your development you may want to let others know of your journey. You can:

- Show friends your starting point and how far you’ve come.

- Tell others of your journey and how far you’ve traveled from your starting point.

- Or, just bask in their praise of the changes you’ve made.