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bAs the blog title states, my name is Barbara L. Bates. I’m the stepmother of three, mother to two, and grandmother of four. I’m also totally blind. I received a BS in electrical engineering in the late 70’s and worked in the semiconductor industry until a head injury left me blind. Recently (about 5 years ago) I began to write fiction. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds as my background was in technical writing, and rules as — show don’t tell — were considered, well laughable. I’ve had a couplle of short stories published both in print and on the Internet, have taken multiple Internet courses on fiction writing, and belong to a couple of critique groups.  But being blind has always managed to throw a wrench or two into my plans, and has delayed the appearance of this blog and those associated withit ( and The first blog will contain thoughts, ideas, and some samples of my fiction writing, while the second one will highlight the benefits of life after 50. (Don’t laugh, there are some.) Thanks for reading about me. come back soon and often.