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The Bottom Line — Pros and Cons

The term “the bottom line” comes to us from the financial world. According to Webster’s New World College Dictionary, bottom line
is a noun defined as:  The line in a financial statement that shows net income or loss


Over the years it has taken on other nonfinancial meanings. Two of the others are:

- The final result or statement; and

-  The main or essential point. 


So, it can refer to anything one considers important in one’s life. And that’s how it will be used here.


What do you consider the bottom line in:

- your life

- your daily routine

- your career

- today’s society ?


Remember the litmus test (the criteria ) used to determine if an item is a bottom line item is:


Can the people exist without the item, be it a service, goods, or entity?

And conversely, can the item, a service, goods, or entity; exist without people?


Below the table will keep track of each  item considered in this blog.  ”