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Gratitude on Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Gratitude and Giving Back


Today is Thanksgiving Day here in the US. While some Americans will stuff themselves silly, argue with relatives they rarely see, and drink enough to float a sailboat, many others try to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive.


Thanksgiving is about gratitude and giving back. Take stock of the good in your life and give thanks, to God, to a Higher Power, to your family and friends, to someone. If you think the choices are between half empty and half full, then choose the half full and keep filling it up.  


There are things that could be better in everyone’s life, but today is not about wanting more, or the next bigger, better, newer model of anything you own. It’s not about trying to one up your relatives you hardly see, and probably can’t stand. It’s not about consuming vast amounts of food and drink and making yourself as obnoxious as you can.


It’s about finding peace in what you have. It’s about accepting your life and doing your best to live it and improve it. It’s about moderation in most if not all things. And it’s about helping others less fortunate than you.


Often the best way to give thanks is to help others. I don’t know about you, but I get a warm feeling inside when I help someone with no intention of being recompensated. I am not rich. I can’t drive. And I have physical challenges. But I still volunteer to help others. I’m willing to help a friend, associate or even a stranger whose need is important to them.  


So, eat and drink in moderation. Don’t argue with obnoxious relatives, smile, ask how they are, and leave them to talk with others. Arguments can ruin the spirit of the festivities and cause digestive problems. Stay centered and peaceful throughout the day if possible. Make a commitment to be nice to everyone, say nothing hurtful or mean, and not to take the last piece of turkey away from your younger cousin. May God bless you and keep you safe if you’re traveling Remember, life’s what you make it.


And when you wake up tomorrow, give thanks for that too. As a matter of fact, start a new habit of giving thanks on a regular basis. It’ll improve your mood, your outlook, and your approach to daily tasks. Try to find something positive in everything you do. Look for the good qualities in people, events, and things. For you may find what you’re looking for. Let this Thanksgiving be the one that starts you on a new road. The road on the positive side.