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Coming Soon! Coming Soon!

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

I’m soon to be a published author. Coming out in February, from Damnation Books, will be my first novel, “AsterIce”. Listed as a science-fiction thriller, it’s the story of what happens when an alien virus is set free in Earth’s environment and how it changes humanity. There are four POV (that’s point of view) characters telling the story of mankind’s attempts to remain “human”.

The characters telling the story are: Bernard DuBonne, a computer programmer with a military background, the idea man behind DuBonne Enterprises; Tanya DuBonne, his wife, and a prominent genetic biologist; Richard DuBonne, Bernard’s younger brother and the financial mastermind behind the DuBonne dynasty, and Elaine DuBonne, Richard’s wife and a police detective in the city of SouthSide.

February 1 is the release date. Damnation Books, part of Eternal Press, will have the books available on the site Feb 1. I’m not sure where else or exactly when other places will have the book available, so stay tuned.