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Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Recently, I’ve received lots of comments about others using info on this and my other sites. First, let me say, the comments are all very similar. There wouldn’t be a reason for this, would there? (Not that I’m the suspicious type, mind you.) So, let me state this once and I won’t refer to it again. This means if you ask, I won’t answer, I’ll assume you can read this post.


I’m visually challenged (that means I’m blind to those of you who don’t follow the conventions of political correctness). My son, who has a degree in Computer Science, put together my blogs and linked them together for me.


I, alone, am responsible for all the content on all three of the blogs. (Though I haven’t started posting to the last one yet. But it should start about the new year.


I know nothing about setting up these blogs and didn’t pick out the templates used. I did however tell him what I wanted.


Any requests to have me “look at my blog” are kind of silly, unless you want me to tell you if it’s accessible. And to do this you have to give me a “real” URL. (That’s a hint, folks.)


If you want to use any information on any of my sites, feel free as long as you tell everyone (this means to give a URL) where it came from. And of course, feel free to link to my site from yours. I think that covers it.


So, please stop with the can I borrow this, link to your site, and come see mine comments. Please.