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Internal Dialogue

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010


There is a literary device used by authors called Internal Dialogue. It’s used to let the reader know the internal thoughts and feelings of the POV (point of view, or the person currently telling the story) character.


What I don’t understand is why it’s called Internal Dialogue. It usually takes place inside someone’s head — shouldn’t it be called Internal Monologue? While some do call it Internal Monologue it’s still better known by the Internal Dialogue label.


If it is a dialogue, then it must be between the — me, myself and I of the POV character.


(Warning: Headhopping is entirely possible in the following example. If you don’t know what headhopping is, don’t worry, just enjoy the example.)


Setting: Gathered in a clearing in the woods are — a capital I, and the words myself and me. They’re here to determine who’s in charge of Internal Dialogue.


I said, “Being the only capitalized one here, I declare I the ruler in every situation.”


“You can’t do that. There are three of us, we should vote,” myself said. She caught me’s eye and raised her eyebrows.


“Me agree.” I must be brought down a couple of pegs.



I sniffed. “Myself, you should address me as I, not you. Remember capitals rule over lower case.”


“At the beginning of sentences, me and myself are capitalized too,” me said.


“That’s only at the beginning of sentences, I am capitalized every time.” I smirked. These fools don’t have a chance against I.


“The fact I is capital and taller, doesn’t make I better,” me said.


I grinned, pleased at me’s correct usage of I. “True, but I is the easiest to say and spell.”


“Me is also easy to spell, and me could represent the underdog being small. So me should rule for equality’s sake,” me said. Ha, used part of your own argument against I. 



I and myself ignored me.


“I am also the tallest, able to see over smaller naming words such as me and myself,” I said.


“Being bigger doesn’t make I better,” myself said. “It only makes I meaner.” What an ego I has.


“Even mean might makes right,” I said. These inferior words don’t have a chance.


Me walked behind myself and grabbed her by the back of her neck. “Come here.”


“What’s wrong, me?” Myself struggled and finally shook free.


Me whispered in myself’s ear, “Together me and myself may be able to overcome I. Listen to a plan…”


As me spoke, a grin spread across myself’s face. “It might work.”


Myself went over to talk to I. “Would I consider sharing control? I, me and myself could split the rule three ways. It could be divided up as a day a piece on a rotating schedule.”


I gasped. “Share control? Are me and myself daft?” Sharing with inferiors was out of the question. 


Me sneaked up behind I and threw a loop of rope around I’s top crosspiece. Tightening the rope, me ran backwards.


Myself jumped on the toppling I, causing I to stagger and lose balance.


I hit the ground with a loud crunch.


“Ouch, you hurt I.” I rubbed its top cross piece.


Me and myself used the rope to stake I to the ground.


“Well, now myself shall be boss,” myself said.


“Says who?” me said.


“Myself has the most letters, and so am leader by default.” “With I down, the longer naming word should win.” At last, to rule. 


“The number of letters shouldn’t matter.” Me pouted. There must be some way to win. ? 


“But my longer letter usage makes myself a better leader.” Myself smiled. Everyone knew length and intelligence were directly related. 


“How do you figure that?” Me peered at myself. Myself would be harder to topple, but it could be done.  


“It’s only logical.” 


“What about all that stuff about sharing?” me said.


“That was only until myself gained control.” Myself said. Give up already. 


Me bunched herself up and rolled at myself, knocking her over. As myself hit the ground, me staked her out like I.


“Me, what are you doing?” myself said.


“With the two of you staked down, me am the leader.” Me scratched her head. “But there doesn’t seem to be anyone left to rule.”   


Ahh, the trials and tribulations  of Internal Dialogue, or with only me left, is it now definitely  Internal Monologue?