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A writing Challenge–

Are You Up To It?

For the Innovative Writer

So, you’ve been writing stories for a while now. But, you feel there’s something missing. The stories need more excitement, drama, pathos, or humor. Maybe a bit of them all.

What can you do?

Consider adding a disabled character to your next story.

Have you ever wanted to include a disabled character in one of your stories, but didn’t know where to research the subject? Has a young man in a wheelchair traveling down the sidewalk whistling ever caught your attention? How about a woman with a guide dog walking through the park on a sunny day? Or two people signing to each other in a department store?

But you discarded the notion, because you had no idea of how a disabled person sees her world. Then, this could be your chance to investigate the vast territories where disability lies.

Starting on March 14, you can register for my class on the Savvy Authors site at:

a course taught by Barbara Bates — Pardon, is my Disability Showing? Writing Believable Disabled Characters — an Interactive Approach. Check it out.

Three disabilities will be covered in the course: blindness, deafness, and paralysis requiring the use of a wheelchair. This course has two distinctive parts. The first part of each lesson will provide information about the disability and where to do more research, depending on the extent of the disability and whether or not the character is a major one in your story.

The second part of each disability lesson is an interactive session. In these lessons, you will have the opportunity to pretend you, the writer, have the disability. While this part of the class is not mandatory, remember the rule: “Write what you know.” These lessons will give you, for a limited time, the ability to feel the same frustrations and surges of victory that a disabled person feels doing routine tasks. How can you say “no” to that?

Come join us on March 14 at:


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