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I’m published!

I’m published! Actually I was published on February 1, but have been so busy getting articles ready and answering interview questions for other blogs, I’ve neglected my own.

So, here’s the pertinent info:

AsterIce, a science-fiction thriller!
Drinking this ice from Heaven could open the gates to Hell.

Ice from an asteroid brought in from the belt contains vitamins and minerals invigorating the human metabolism and bringing improved health. It becomes the newest nutritional fad, selling world-wide.

The ice also contains an alien virus capable of altering human DNA, causing humans to lose their individuality, their will, and perhaps even their souls.

Can four infected individuals find a way to stop the process before humanity is lost?
That’s the blurb I’ve sent out. But it’s not just a sci-fi story. There’s romance, family obligations, and a touch of horror. (Everyone’s life should have a touch of horror.) It’s listed on the publisher’s site ( as a science fiction thriller. You can pick up a copy either or on Amazon.
My Bio:
I grew up reading speculative fiction and received a BS in electrical engineering and worked for several years in the computer industry. When a head injury left me totally blind, I turned to writing speculative fiction to stay sane. With my youngest child in college, I live with my husband in Massachusetts and plot ways to spend more time with my grandchildren.

I’ve had short stories and articles published online (stories at and articles at, and some like “GreenWorld” published in print, in the “End of Days” anthology. Now trying my hand at novels, you can find me here, or at the attached blog,

The ISBN numbers are:
EBook ISBN: 9781615728503
Print ISBN: 9781615728510

And you can buy a copy at:
Eternal Press:

Or at Amazon:

Check out the book and give it a look through.

And I’ve been interviewed on the following other sites –
Interview with Tosha Sumner:

Interview by Babette James:

An interview on The Whole Shebang site:

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