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Squeaky Wheel Syndrome



Should the squeaky wheel get the grease? Should it be allowed to continue on the same path? Or should other alternatives be considered?  



Let’s take two examples – extremists and fanatics. These types can be considered to be squeaky wheels, as they draw attention – mostly of the negative variety — to themselves and their cause. They refuse to consider the opinions of others, and continue on their chosen path, no matter the fate of individual members.  


-An extremist is defined as:    a person who indulges in immoderate or excessive actions, opinions, etc. 

- A fanatic is:    a person whose enthusiasm or zeal for something is extreme or beyond normal limits.  



So, both of these groups operate outside the norm, on the ends of normal limits. Why then, do they garner so much attention? Is it their ability to step outside the norm by causing destruction, mayhem, and harm to others that draws our interest? Is it because we can sit home, safe and secure, while watching someone else’s misfortune?   


Individuals involved in groups meeting the definitions of fanatic or extremist, make up less than 5 % of the population. Yet they appear in the local, national, and world news on an almost daily basis. Why do we allow this, and what can we do about it?



First, we must disassociate ourselves from these fanatics and extremists. We must let them know we, the majority, don’t feel, think, or want to act like they do. That, their actions are not within the norm and should be not allowed to continue. They should be condemned for the travesties they are.


To a certain extent, this has already started. Several attempts to either set off explosives or otherwise damage airplanes in flight have been thwarted by passengers.


But this brings up another question. What about explosions in public places? Should individuals acting strange in public be stopped and apprehended? Where should the line be drawn to keep the majority of the public safe? What conditions constitute a situation giving the authorities the right to deny certain individuals their rights? Are there such situations in America? Should there be?   


What can the general public do?



First we should close ranks. Form ourselves into community groups with a clear purpose, a clear set of ideals and goals, and a clear vision of our future.  Inherent in these statements should be the fact that people have the ability to travel without being harmed by others.


When described in any type of news media these groups should not be glorified; they should be frowned upon, ignored, and forgotten.   


Second, we must stick by our convictions. Don’t give these people any publicity, confirmation, or donations. Let them know they, as extremists, acting outside our realm of proper behavior, are beneath our notice. Report the facts, denounce those in charge, and move on. Avoid sensationalism at all costs, they thrive on it.   


Third, we should not allow these people back into the “fold” or whatever community they used to be in unless they recant their former ideals and lifestyles publicly. Yet, they should not be excluded for exclusion’s sake. And while some may revel in being shunned, many won’t, and may return to a position of normalcy.  


One of the reasons extremists tactics work is they get a lot of publicity. This publicity draws other like-minded extremists to them and increases their numbers. And when they find strength in numbers, they can perform actions one or a few would not be able to accomplish.


So, we should form and strengthen our communities, and announce to the world, we don’t support these extreme groups, agree with them, or approve of their actions.



Don’t condemn them, ignore them. Don’t bring more attention to their cause, expound your own. Don’t be fooled into thinking their message holds anything relevant or significant, it doesn’t. Strengthen your own communities, bring more like-minded individuals into your sphere of influence, and snub those who advocate: violence, hate, and narrow-minded actions. Diversity is part of the charm of the human race, it should be encouraged, but it should not be allowed to denigrate or degrade any other group — no matter how different their ideas. Diversity is one of the human races’ strengths. It should be encouraged, not put down. You have the right to your opinion, as I have the right to mine. When we interact, we should have respect for each other’s opinions. That doesn’t mean we have to follow another’s opinion, or live by it; but we should acknowledge they exist and leave them like that. Having an opinion and forcing it upon someone else are two different matters.  


When, not if, these splinter groups are regulated to the fringes where they belong and their message ceases to hold the fascination of the population, it will lose its grip on the majority and their popularity will drop by the wayside. So, when that darned wheel starts squeaking, don’t oil it and keep using it; change it, and dose it with the oil, then throw the darned thing into the fire. It’s the only thing it’s good for – providing warmth for others by its own destruction.


9 Responses to “Squeaky Wheel Syndrome”

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